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The following is the list of services we will provide on an annual basis for an agreed fixed fee.

  • Maintain your company’s accounting records, including preparation of quarterly management accounts and Vat return
  • Prepare the company's annual statutory accounts
  • Prepare abbreviated accounts and file at companies house
  • Prepare and submit the company’s corporation tax return and computations, together with all supporting schedules
  • Advise you of the amounts of corporation tax to be paid and the dates by which the company should make the payments
  • Assist with keeping the company statutory records up to date and completing and filing the company’s annual return
  • Maintain your monthly payroll records, including completed monthly salary payslips and an Inland Revenue payslip for you and your employees
  • Complete and submit electronically your year end return form P35 with forms P14 and P60 to the Inland Revenue and produce the forms P60 that you will pass to each employee
  • Complete forms P11D (Benefits in kind) for the directors and higher-paid employees for approval and submission by you to the Inland Revenue
  • Prepare your personal tax return together with such supporting schedules as are appropriate and we will prepare the Inland Revenue’s calculation of your self-assessment of tax and national insurance contributions
  • Advise you of the amounts of personal tax to be paid and the dates by which you should make the payments
  • Deal with all communications relating to your return addressed to us by the Inland Revenue or passed to us by you. However, if the Inland Revenue choose your return for enquiry this work may need to be the subject of a separate assignment in which case we will seek further instructions from you
  • Advise as to possible claims and elections arising from information supplied by you. Where instructed by you, we will make such claims and elections in the form and manner required by the Inland Revenue
  • Review contracts of the Company and advise on specific tax and accounting issues

Grant Matthewson is pleased to now offer a secure online returns capture system that:

  • Reduces the chore of timesheet and receipt capture
  • Produces and emails accurate, professional-looking invoices semi-automatically
  • Allows you to access your company’s data while you are at work - lots of useful reporting features
  • Ensures you reclaim *all* your receipts and expenses
  • Helps you ensure all your invoices get paid
  • Accurately prepares your VAT return for you
  • Is a more secure way of submitting your sensitive financial data to us

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